February 13, 2015

Now that it officially feels like 2015, I guess it's time for some updates...
1. We have new pictures! Now Nick looks like he's offcially part of the band.
2. We updated our bio and some other info on the site as a whole.
3. We performed our first high school assembly last week and it was amazing! For more info on that and our non-profit visit:

And now for some questions I've been asked:
Are you going on tour this summer? No
Are you releasing a new album this year? No
Sometimes, it's better to take a step back and appreciate what you have and cultivate a deeper relationship with it. That means we're going to release more videos for you guys to get to know us better. It means we're going to stick around SoCal right now so we can get to know you better. It means we're going to take our time writing our next album so we can get to know ourselves better. The more you know, the more you grow. So let's get to know each other!


November 12, 2014

Happy Fall! The weather has finally cooled down in SoCal, but we're just getting started with a new project. This year, has brought a change in what I wanted for Cockeyed Optimist. I didn't want to just be in a band anymore. So I created We launched this nonprofit a few weeks ago at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention walk in OC.

Check out the nonprofit's website here:

Stay tuned for more info about what we'll be doing in 2015. Oh yeah and we'll be taking some new band pics, because we've had these forever!

July 26, 2014

Hey everybody,

It sure has been a long time since our last post. Since January, life in the CEO camp has been very busy, but we felt it was best not to announce anything too soon. But now, we'd like to share with you some of what we've been up to the last few months.

First, we'd like to introduce you to our new drummer Nick
Stone. Nick is an incredibly talented drummer and
percussionist and we have enjoyed getting to know him and
work with him. Watch this video and meet Nick Stone!

Next, we present to you our new song "There and Back Again". If you recognize the title, then you would be right in guessing that this song is inspired by The Hobbit. We are huge fans of the books and movies and felt compelled to write this song. We decided during production, that we
would record two versions -- one taking a more folk
approach and the other in classic CEO fashion. Both
versions are available for free download on the links below. We hope you enjoy the song and will join us in trying to get it placed in the final Hobbit film's closing credits.


Finally, stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year everyone! To ring in the new year here's the video for our new single, "The Worst Thing".

To celebrate the release we're giving out FREE downloads of "The Worst Thing". Click play on the video above and watch
for the code to pop up. Then, visit our official store here on
the site and enter the Promo Code.

We're excited for 2014 and hope you will join us on the ride.
See you all soon!


August 28, 2013

"All That You Were" is here! We are so proud to bring this music to you all! We hope you enjoy!

Official Store
Amazon MP3
Google Play

August 2, 2013

      It is with great pleasure and excitement that we
announce the premier of our first music video for our new
single "All That You Were". The process to getting this
music video outto you all has been a long one: storyboards
and location scouting began last October and through a
series of auditions, director changes, technical difficulties
we find ourselves here with an awesome music video for an awesome song.

Check it out here:  

      We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our cast
and crew especially my cousin Michelle who graciously and professionally operated the camera and shot the majority of what you see in the video for nothing. I know it's family but it meant a lot to have my cousin help us out. She's a great
talent and good at what she does.We had to awesome
actors for our leads in Devon Ogden and Daniel Wilkinson.
They were both a pleasure to work with and we're looking forward to seeing them in the future! And our extras
included some of our good friends and family as well!

      We all are extremely proud of this video, this song, and
this new EP. The new EP "All That You Were" will release everywhere on August 28, 2013. If you catch us on the road,
we currently have copies available before it hits the public!
Be sure to watch here for news on our CD show!

      We hope you enjoy the video and are looking forward to bringing this song to the world!

- Sean


July 19, 2013
      It is with great excitement that I announce to you all
that our new EP, "All That You Were", will be released in
both physical and digital formats on August 28, 2013.

      The road to this new record has been a very long one; a
process drawn out by far too many reasons I don't care to
get into. I'm extremely proud of the music we've made for
this record and I know you will enjoy it.

May 30, 2013
      Well we've been busy. But we're happy to say that our
music video is complete, we are sending the record off to mastering and we're in the thick of booking our summer
tour. Sometimes when you are busy you forget to look
around at where you are and what you're doing. I feel
absolutely thrilled to finally have finished the "All That You
Were" album and music video. Somehow, it seemed like
it took forever. I'm also extremely excited that when we go
on tour, we will visit some places that I never have before.
It's kind of my goal to visit every state in the US and with
this tour, I'll be about 80% there. Hopefully the next post
will be the release of our music video... stay tuned.

February 12, 2013
      Boy has it been a crazy beginning of 2013! It's hard to
believe some of the things that have happened have
indeed happened. Both the good and the bad. Let's start
off with the good:

      The NAMM show was successful once more for us
this past January! We all got in and had a great time. We
got to check out all the awesome new Orange amps
thank to Alex and even got to do an on camera interview
with Ryan and Cave from PreSonus. (We hope to see that
on YouTube very soon) I also fell in love with a seven string...things might get a little heavy soon!

      The last two weekends have been busier than ever
as we spent both of them up in L.A. filming scenes for our
very first music video! The raw footage is coming in and everything is looking amazing. We also had a lot of help
and want to extend a very special thank you to my cousin Michele for being our camera operator. I also want to say
thank you to Steve Spill and Magicopolis for letting us
trash their theater and making it look like a pigsty. And let's
not forget the awesome actors we got, Daniel and Devon.
Super talented and incredibly amazing human beings.

      But alas, all that is good must be put in check by sad
news: Today we say Bon voyage to Eric as he heads to
Spain to study abroad in his spring semester. Eric is an awesome musician and a great friend and we hope he
has a wonderful experience. We can't wait to see him
again and have him back onstage with us!

      Oh, and we need to find a new drummer...again.

      Until next time...Sean

Jaunary 1, 2013
      So today we're launching our new website. We've been conceptualizing it for months and now you have our music,
lyrics, store and more all in one place. The yearbook design
pays homage to our next EP that will be coming out this
year and it's also an open book because that's how I want
people to view this band. I don't want to hide my music, my
story, my voice behind a superficial facade. What you see is
what you get and some days it'll be better than others.

       It took forever but I finally finished tracking all the vocals.
I am now editing the takes before I pass it along to Sean do
to the mixing. I decided to take a week off for the holidays,
but tomorrow I'll be back at it, staring at the computer for
hours on end until I'm satified.  

       I honestly can't believe that it is January and it has
taken so long to record the EP, but I'm very glad that we've
taken the time to do our best. Our best does not equal
perfection. Our best equals all that we can humanly give--
all that we are. And if you haven't yet, start watching our web
series "All That We Are". You can find it on our video page.
The next episode will be up shortly. Welcome friends to the
new Cockeyed Optimist website!


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