All That You Were


Put your feet in the concrete footprints

Of someone, try to be them

But you can never be

You can never pay the fee

To buy your star

Spare some change, not today

Don't got enough myself to be of help

When you'll just spend it all

You won't eat, but you will crawl

Into the bar


So many players with their masks glued on

In Hollywood, they're looking for the next turn on

You've sold your soul to be the next icon

In Hollywood, they'll take until all that you were is gone

Spend the night, but you know that it is

Not the right way to get your

Name on the credit line

You coulda made it if you took the time

And not went that far

Lost your mind living on these

Lonely streets at night

Don't you know that you're not the only one?

Life's hard for everyone

But it makes you who you are


You gotta toughen up if you wanna make it here

Thick skin, strong will and no fear of fear


Hollywood streets aren't paved with gold

They're paved with blood and broken souls

Where dreams are lost and tears are shed

On Hollywood streets all hope is dead