Look At You

You treat me like a princess

Without my request

Minions spew praise

But you made this a mess

How could I have guessed

You'd become such a pest?

The butterfly free

Now is oppressed


I can't look at you the same

And I don't think I want to

You put me out on display

To prove I look good on you


Do you think it's right

That You worship my face?

Do you know I choke

When you're crowding my space?

Cuz you move too fast

And love isn't a race

I've been wined and dined

You're one of a kind

But you're just too creepy

Strong arms keep me pressed

Close to your chest

I breathe in your smell

I can't escape this arrest

Cold shivers caress

My mind when we kiss

This isn't love

You're just obsessed



What started out so innocent, so nice, so new

A smile, an attraction

Shifted suddenly and smooth

Will you hold the door or stalk me some more?