The Future is Hazy

There's a deer in your headlights

She don't know which way to run

Behind glazed eyes the future's hazy

Will this moment be her last one?

Won't you slam on your brakes now?

Cuz she can't take another hit

Show some compassion, I know it's hard

But please show a little bit


I can't breathe

The stress is squeezing the life outta me

I'm trembling constantly

Can't you just do something?

There's a fish in your bowl

And she's got no where to hide

Through the glass, everyone can see

She can't come up for air

She has to eat what they feed her

With no regard for what she likes

They make all her decisions

But who's to say they're always right?


Hello Life, I'm calling in sick

Cuz I can't take another day like this

I've lost my mind and I don't know if I can get it back


Just do something