What You Want

What you wanted, you said you wanted to make this forever

You and me, you said we'd be always together

Side by side with the world outside, it can't get no better

But it's all a lie. You cut the ties; all bonds were severed


Then you turned around and blamed it all on me

Hope you're proud of who you chose to be


You can't tell me, my heart's like a stone

When I'm not the one that is cold, Oh no

Don't fall but get down off your throne

Go figure out what you want

What I wanted, it's what I wanted, to make this forever

You left no word, not seen, not heard, no calls, no letters

Tried to fight it, but I can't fight it; loneliness entered

I can't go on; I just can't move on. I'm so whatever



How did I believe?

How was I deceived?

How did I believe in you?